The Art and Science of Loaning Against Trademarks

The Art and Science of Loaning Against Trademarks
By: Eric Gul

Trademarks are one of the fastest-growing collateral categories in the ABL sector—due in no small part to the ease with which owners of properly supported brands can sell their products via multiple channels, including e-commerce, m-commerce, wholesale distribution, and retail stores. On the consumer side, younger generations are driving much of the e-commerce and m-commerce demand. […]

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Brands & IP: A cautionary tale

When Ron Johnson took the helm at J.C. Penney, he told The Wall Street Journal about his high hopes for the chain. “The department store is king of the hill in most countries I go to,” he said. “That’s what we want to achieve at J.C. Penney.” Unfortunately, the maestro behind Apple’s amazingly profitable stores was less successful, to put it mildly, in his 17 […]

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Value of Script Lists On The Upswing

In an ongoing effort to capitalize on the rapidly expanding prescription drug market in the U.S., pharmacy operators are placing a premium on prescription volume. A given pharmacy location’s volume is represented by the prescription file — also known as the script list within the pharmacy industry—which represents the number of prescriptions filled over a given period of time. A closer look also reveals that […]

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