Tiger Group Auctions Pro-Grade Audiovisual Gear From Prominent Production Supplier

Tiger Group on March 17 will hold an online-only auction of pro-grade audiovisual gear from a major production supplier known for its support of award-winning work on major television and film productions.

Manufactured by the likes of Arri Alexa, Black Magic, O’Connor, Panasonic, RED, Sachtler and Sony, more than 1,000 high-quality pieces of excess and under-utilized audiovisual gear will be available in the one-day auction event. Production houses, rental companies, cinematographers, in-house advertising departments and other buyers will find gear  in categories such as:

  • Digital, video and action cameras;
  • Tripods, heads, matte boxes, specialty lenses and extenders; zoom controls, battery chargers and monitors;
  • media cards, filters and transmitters; and card readers, video distributors and recorders.

“Tiger Commercial & Industrial is proud to have been selected—for the third consecutive time—to sell excess and under-utilized gear from one of the leading production suppliers in North America,” said Jonathan Holiday, Director of Business Development, Tiger Group Commercial & Industrial. “For this sale, the company has shipped items in good condition from multiple locations to a secure Tiger facility in Chatsworth, California. It’s a big event for the AV community, and we’re excited to be a part of it and offer this to the  market”