Kyle Lewis

Accounting Supervisor,
Tiger Commercial & Industrial

Kyle Lewis is an Accounting Supervisor on Tiger’s Accounting team, aiding the Commercial & Industrial practice with managerial accounting duties pertaining to budgeting, expenses, auditing, reconciliation, payroll, and accounts payable.

Lewis is experienced in forensic accounting and analysis, a skill he honed while previously serving at Lorchgreene, LLP as a Staff Accountant for several years. There, he prepared detailed PNL statements, cash flow analyses, schedules and reports on behalf of clients, identifying irregularities, fluctuations and trends for funds in bank, IRA, stock and retirement accounts. He also investigated large-sum Accounts Receivable and Payable to determine actual value utilized in business valuations.

Lewis holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with an Accounting concentration from Trinity University in Texas. He is also a CPA charter holder.