You are currently viewing Online Bankruptcy Auction Dec. 12 for Food Production, Processing and Packaging Equipment

The court-ordered sale features assets from Lemnature AquaFarms’ multimillion-dollar production and R&D plants.

VERO BEACH and FELLSMERE, Fla. — Food production, processing and packaging companies can grow their operations by acquiring new and like-new equipment in a Dec. 12 online auction by Tiger Group.

The court-ordered bankruptcy sale features assets from Lemnature AquaFarms’ multimillion-dollar production and R&D plants in Vero Beach and Fellsmere. The regenerative agriculture company produced plant-based ingredients for the food, beverage and nutrition markets.

The timed, online auction closes on Tues., Dec. 12, at 10 a.m. (EST). Bidding opens on Tues., Dec. 5, at

“Lemnature’s operations spanned more than 900 acres across the two Florida sites,” noted Chad Farrell, Managing Director, Tiger Commercial & Industrial. “Its main plant was built quite recently—in 2021—and a significant amount of the equipment available in this sale is in unused or like-new condition. The company spent over $14 million to build the plants.”

Those assets include large stainless-steel tanks, separators, centrifuges, water-filtering and processing units and lab equipment that would be inordinately expensive to acquire brand-new from a manufacturer, Farrell noted. “It’s part of what makes this sale such a strong opportunity for expanding companies in the food production, processing and packaging sectors,” he said.

Highlights of the sale include:

  • Homogenizers, grinders, polishers, slicers, mills, separators, centrifuges, wash basis, skids, conveyers, drying plants, heat exchangers and other processing equipment (including pieces by Bertoli and Urschel)
  • Three complete packaging lines
  • A large quantity of stainless-steel and poly tanks (holding, feed and transfer tanks from 50 to 3000 gallons in capacity)
  • A wide array of harvesting equipment (shakers, blanchers, separators, conveyers, motorized paddle wheels, unused pond liners, pumps, and more)
  • Multiple labs with equipment such as centrifuges, scales, agitators, spectrophotometers, autoclaves, vacuum controllers, ovens, microscopes, stirrers, pipettes and glassware
  • Fertilizer inventory, maintenance shops, material-handling equipment, rolling stock and officer furniture and equipment.
  • Intellectual Property of the Company

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Inspections are available on Mon., Dec. 11, at both the Vero Beach and Fellsmere locations. To arrange an inspection or obtain other information, email: [email protected] or call (805) 497-4999.