Case Study: Dermasilk

Biotech Corporation, founder of the “DermaSilk” Brand, is a 15 year old cosmetic Company with gross revenues in excess of $18,000,000 per annum. Due to overlapping promotional programs the Company had a debit balance with its top customer. The resulting cash flow issues did not allow BioTech to meet its financial obligations, payroll or advertising budgets.

The CRO turned to Tiger to run an expedited sale process. Tiger identified two key elements (I) the brand was still on the shelf at the customers and selling well. The issue wasn’t demand for the product, it was the financial stability of the company. (II) Time was of the essence. The value of the brand was declining precipitously and no one could afford a lengthy diligence process.

Tiger’s Role

Tiger ran a sealed bid process for a UCC article 9 sale contacting hundreds of potential strategic and financial investors resulting in over 30 NDAs being signed in days. Tiger selectively worked with parties we knew to be able to complete and close a transaction of this nature in a short period of time. At the same time Tiger contacted closeout retailers to liquidated excess inventory and solicited bids for all inventory as a contingency if a strategic buyer was not found. Operationally, Tiger immediately moved all inventory to its warehouse and sold all fixed assets to save on expenses. Within 3 weeks of engagement, Tiger had a fully executed purchase agreement for the brand and inventory, and closed a week later.

I was highly impressed with Tiger’s professionalism, experience, and ability to execute in an incredibly quick time frame. Tiger stabilized the process immediately and brought certainty to the situation producing a great result for stakeholders despite the many obstacles,” said Greg Kelly, former CEO of BioTech.


The Dermasilk buyer was able to repair the relationship with CVS and other customers successfully relaunching the brand.