Tiger Commercial & Industrial Liquidation Update

Online Auction on Jan. 18 Features Like-New Equipment from Colorado ‘Green Hydrogen’ R&D Facility

In court-ordered bankruptcy sale, Tiger Liquidity Services Energy Partners offers assets and IP of renewable energy firm AquaHydrex.

A Jan. 18 online auction by Tiger Liquidity Services Energy Partners (TLSEP), a strategic alliance between Tiger Group and Liquidity Services, brings to market assets from AquaHydrex’s 32,000-square-foot, green hydrogen prototype and R&D facility near Denver.

Bidding opened at SoldTiger.com and AllSurplus.com at 10 a.m. (MT) on Thursday, Jan. 11. The event closes at 10 a.m. (MT) on Thursday, January 18.

“The multimillion-dollar, court-ordered bankruptcy sale boasts many examples of high-quality, like-new machinery and equipment,” said Chad Farrell, Managing Director, Tiger Commercial & Industrial.

“AquaHydrex had acquired a wide array of highly desirable laboratory, R&D and test and measurement equipment, making this online bankruptcy auction a strong opportunity for buyers in multiple sectors,” Farrell noted. “We also anticipate strong energy-sector interest in the gas-processing equipment that AquaHydrex employed as part of its electrolysis-based approach to extracting hydrogen from H2O.”

“The sale features AquaHydrex’s intellectual property assets, such as patents, blueprints, proprietary tooling, molds, and more,” added Nick Jimenez, Vice President of Global Business Development at Liquidity Services. “In the renewable energy space, there is intense interest in—and government incentives for—green hydrogen. These IP assets could be valuable to operators looking to capitalize on these opportunities.”

Lab equipment available in the auction included autoclaves, environmental chambers, vacuum-tube furnaces, ovens, electron microscopes, spraying systems, chillers, fume hoods, mixers, surface plates, lab scales, glassware and more.

Among the test and measurement assets are spectrometers, spectrophotometers, oscilloscopes, multimeters, tensile testers, digital micrometers (large quantity), calipers, gauges, inspection equipment, battery testers, inspection microscopes and more.

The available R&D equipment included:

  • Matrix Technologies 10-cell hydrogen/oxygen process skid
  • Clamping rig with 1- to 10-cell capacity (6,000 amps with hydraulic pump)
  • Melco Steel autoclaves
  • Agilent and MKS spectrometers
  • Maccor Series 4000 battery tester
  • Two unused 7,000-amp DC power supplies

AquaHydrex operated an extensive machine shop at the Colorado facility. Available in the auction were:

  • Haas vertical CNC milling machines
  • Laser welders
  • Lathes, spot welders, industrial robots, variable-speed band saws, drill presses, blasters, shop presses
  • Sanders, grinders, bench vices, air compressors, parts cabinets, dust collectors, engine hoists, tooling, toolboxes
  • Hundreds of cordless and manual hand tools

Finally, a large quantity of plant support, material handling and office and IT assets were available in the bankruptcy auction.

AquaHydrex was launched in 2012 and obtained substantial investment backing. Relying on renewable forms of energy such as solar and wind, AquaHydrex focused on deriving green hydrogen from water electrolysis, thereby assisting in the decarbonization of industrial operations, transportation, agriculture and other sectors.

For asset photos, descriptions, and other information, visit SoldTiger.com

For more information and to view the available equipment, go to AllSurplus.com.

Online Bankruptcy Auction Held for Food Production, Processing and Packaging Equipment

The court-ordered sale features assets from Lemnature AquaFarms’ multimillion-dollar production and R&D plants.

Food production, processing and packaging companies grew their operations by acquiring new and like-new equipment in an online auction by Tiger Group.

The court-ordered bankruptcy sale featured assets from Lemnature AquaFarms’ multimillion-dollar production and R&D plants in Vero Beach and Fellsmere, Fla. The regenerative agriculture company produced plant-based ingredients for the food, beverage and nutrition markets.

The timed, online auction closed on Tues., Dec. 12, 2023 at 10 a.m. (EST). Bidding opened on Tues., Dec. 5, 2023 at SoldTiger.com.

“Lemnature’s operations spanned more than 900 acres across the two Florida sites,” noted Chad Farrell, Managing Director, Tiger Commercial & Industrial. “Its main plant was built quite recently—in 2021—and a significant amount of the equipment available in this sale is in unused or like-new condition. The company spent over $14 million to build the plants.”

Those assets included large stainless-steel tanks, separators, centrifuges, water-filtering and processing units and lab equipment that would be inordinately expensive to acquire brand-new from a manufacturer, Farrell noted. “It’s part of what makes this sale such a strong opportunity for expanding companies in the food production, processing and packaging sectors,” he said.

Highlights of the sale included:

  • Homogenizers, grinders, polishers, slicers, mills, separators, centrifuges, wash basis, skids, conveyers, drying plants, heat exchangers and other processing equipment (including pieces by Bertoli and Urschel)
  • Three complete packaging lines
  • A large quantity of stainless-steel and poly tanks (holding, feed and transfer tanks from 50 to 3000 gallons in capacity)
  • A wide array of harvesting equipment (shakers, blanchers, separators, conveyers, motorized paddle wheels, unused pond liners, pumps, and more)
  • Multiple labs with equipment such as centrifuges, scales, agitators, spectrophotometers, autoclaves, vacuum controllers, ovens, microscopes, stirrers, pipettes and glassware
  • Fertilizer inventory, maintenance shops, material-handling equipment, rolling stock and officer furniture and equipment.
  • Intellectual Property of the Company

For asset photos, descriptions, and other information, visit:


Online Auction Features Live Event and Entertainment Production Rental Gear from North American Leader PRG

Tiger Group Holds Online Auction Featuring 850+ Lots of Production-Ready Gear from Global Leader PRG

Tiger Group online auction on April 23 offered over 850 lots of production equipment from PRG’s rental inventory.

This major auction of equipment from PRG’s professionally maintained inventory featured digital cameras, lenses, audio, speakers, projectors, consoles and gear accessories from respected brands such as Arri, Ayrton, Canon, Christie, D&B, ETC, Fujinon, High-End, Meyer Sound, Robe, Shure, Sony, Vari*Lite and Yamaha.

PRG, with offices worldwide, offers the industry’s largest catalog of professional audio, lighting, and video equipment.

“With the entertainment industry in full swing, we are excited to bring to the market another major auction from PRG,” said Jonathan Holiday, Director of Business Development, Tiger Commercial & Industrial. “This event, which represents our sixth year working with PRG, allows us to auction production-ready gear located in Las Vegas. We look forward to your bidding.”

The timed, online auction of assets from PRG’s North American inventory closed on Tuesday, April 23, at 10:30 a.m. (PT). Bidding opened on Tuesday, April 16, at 10:30 a.m. (PT) at SoldTiger.com.

Also available in the sale:

  • Moving lights; LED and conventional Leko, Par, and Strip light’s; Power Distro and Dimmers.
  • Large array of truss, including boxes, corners, and grids.
  • Cameras, lenses, fluid heads and Tripods.
  • Monitors, projectors, projection screens, switchers, cases and stands.

For asset photos, descriptions, and other information, click here.

Lightning eMotors’ Late-Model EVs Go to Auction on May 30th

$10 million Tiger Group sale features more than 100 fleet-suitable EVs, along with e-motors, battery packs, auto parts and advanced equipment such as dynamometers and laser-cutters

Tiger Group online auction on May 30 gave fleet operators, repair shops, carmakers and other potential buyers the chance to bid on $10 million in parts, tools, equipment and EVs formerly owned by Lightning eMotors.

The Loveland-based company converted conventional, fossil fuel-burning vehicles into zero-emission EVs for fleet-operating customers that included municipalities, school systems and medical businesses. Its operations were not continued after it entered receivership and was purchased by a third party.

“Lightning eMotors developed an efficient process for adding new drivetrains, electric motors and battery packs to existing chassis,” explained Chad Farrell, Managing Director, Tiger Commercial & Industrial. “Fleet operators can achieve their ESG goals or just run cleaner by acquiring select groupings of assets in this sale. It’s a great opportunity.”

The timed, online auction of assets from the 250,000-square-foot Loveland facility closed on Thurs., May 30, at 10 a.m. (MT). Bidding opened Thurs., May 23, 10 a.m. (MT) at SoldTiger.com.  All assets will be sold as-is, where-is without representations or warranties.

The late-model EVs (2021-2023) included Chevrolet Express 4500 Cutaways; Ford F450 box trucks; Ford F350 transit cargo vans; GMC 4500 box trucks, as well as school and shuttle buses and trailers.

Also available were two dynamometers—a still-in-the-crate 2021 MAE Mustang MD-250-HD-AC-200HP 10K EOL chassis dynamometer with pop-up restraints, and a 2021 MAE Mustang advanced engineering 2-wheel drive chassis dynamometer. “We anticipate strong interest in these pieces among automotive dealers and repair shops—any potential buyer with a need to test engines,” Farrell said.

Other highlights included…

  • Large quantities of electric motors, gearboxes, batteries, wiring harnesses, connectors and other automotive parts
  • An advanced machine shop with pieces that include a Bescutter Fly Pro 3015 fiber laser metal sheet and pipe cutter, along with welders, bandsaws, floor and jib cranes, jack stands and dozens of tools
  • Plant support and office equipment including pallet racking, utility shelving, furniture, computers, filing cabinets, a key card system and more

For asset photos, descriptions, important disclaimers, and other information, visit https://soldtiger.com/sales/zero-emission-vehicle-manufacturer/.