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Late-Model Assets of Screen Printing and Embroidery Facility Offered for Sale

APPLETON, Wis., Sept. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Tiger Group, in cooperation with Liquidity Services  and Seritech Inc., is currently accepting bids for the sale of pristine, late-model screen printing and embroidery machines, flash cure units and dryers, plant support and other assets in Appleton, as a major apparel company converts its embellishment facility into a warehouse.

“Screen printers, embroidery companies and anyone in the textile and apparel embellishment industry will be interested in this unique opportunity at the Appleton facility,” said John Coelho, Senior Director of Tiger Group’s Commercial & Industrial division.

“This sale is a great opportunity for other textile and apparel companies to acquire a wide variety of exceptionally clean and in good-condition used equipment that is perfect for supporting existing operations or new startups. The machines come from a showcase printing plant that is closing, and have had top-level scheduled and preventative maintenance, with all replacement parts purchased directly from M&R,” added Gardner Dudley, President of Liquidity Services’ Capital Assets Group. “Purchasing quality secondhand assets will help these companies save money and free up capital for growth and expansion, which will help them remain competitive in the industry.”

“In my 41 years in the industry, the overall condition of these machines is by far and away the best I have ever represented,” noted Seritech Inc. President Bill Foust.

Available embroidery equipment includes Barudan 6-head 15-thread machines. Screen printing machines and peripherals by M&R—all with no more than 9 million impressions—include Challenger II and III models as new as 2015, and Gauntlet and Diamondback models as new as 2016; a Challenger III Model 110 14-color, 16-station unit; Image ST direct-to-screen systems; 40 Tacana flash cure units, and more. Nine M&R Sprint 2000 gas-fired textile dryers as new as 2010, and a Brown three-chamber triple-belt Firefly dryer are also up for sale.

Also up for sale are M&R automatic presses with Sprint 2000 gas dryers—all connected, 100% operational and ready for inspection—that can be shipped out as early as October 1.

Plant support equipment includes multiple air compressors, pallet racking, a Vector II waterjet system with four heads, walk-behind electric pallet jacks, more than 20 Tri-Lock pallets, Crown & Raymond turret trucks, forklifts and more.

Please visit for a complete list of assets and descriptions. Offers, inquiries or inspection requests can be submitted to: John Coelhoat (617) 523-5866, or by email at For further information, visit: