August 28

Inventory Aging at Cost
(By Length of Supply)

The story is in the data

Tiger Insight Analyticstm

Operational analysis, inventory purchases and
sales events in support of restructurings.

Turnkey sales, auctions and purchases
for all classes of industrial, A/R and IP assets.

Comprehensive appraisals of consumer goods,
industrial M&E and intellectual property.

Tiger Finance

Acquisition Finance, Delayed Draw Term Loans,
Turnaround/Transition Capital, Equity/Asset Augmentation.

About Tiger

Leveraging granular data analysis to pinpoint and monetize asset value.


Trends in Consumer Goods

On the State of Retail Bankruptcies

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Trends in Ecommerce

Why the Rise of Amazon Is Good For the ABL Sector

Savvy e-tailers, distributors and manufacturers are increasingly seeing the benefits of using Amazon as a key closeout channel — and they’re moving an increasing amount of inventory through its Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program.