Have No Fear: Why the Rise of Amazon Is Good For the ABL Sector

By Andy Babcock and Ryan Davis
The metamorphosis of Amazon from a bookseller to one of the largest retailers on the planet has permanently changed the business landscape. Yet ABL lenders have hesitated to lend against inventory held at Amazon’s warehouses. Tiger Capital’s Andy Babcock and Ryan Davis assuage lenders’ fears. They explain how the Fulfillment by Amazon program benefits sellers and creates a seamless, profitable […]

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Keeping the lights on – A key to Chapter 7 recoveries?

When a borrower goes into Chapter 7, it’s natural to focus on the endgame: liquidation. After all, operational concerns come to the fore only in cases involving reorganization, right? Not necessarily. Consider our largelot sale of the majority of former assets from one of North America’s biggest auto parts suppliers — Fenco (Fenwick Automotive Products Ltd., and Introcan).

A major supplier to the likes of AutoZone, […]

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